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A Comparison of OVM and UVM 

May 27, 2013 -- The Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) is a standardized hybrid methodology for verifying complex design in the semiconductor industry. It has superseded the Open Verification Methodology which was an Open Source verificati ... read more

The Many Faces of Low-Power Verification 

May 23, 2013 -- Power is a key factor in our beloved smartphones and tablets because they operate from a limited power source. Medical applications and automotive chips must account for power due to the thermal considerations in harsh or constra ... read more

The Next Roadblock to Custom-Design Productivity: Design Constraints 

May 21, 2013 -- Design constraints, which express design intent, are one of the pieces of ancillary data that are critical to the success or failure of a custom design. Design constraints aren't usually contained within layout files or library i ... read more

Maximizing the Value of Your Internal IP 

May 15, 2013 -- Everyone today understands the essential importance of third-party semiconductor intellectual property (IP) to the health of the semiconductor industry. Considerably less attention is given to the importance of a strong, servicea ... read more

Yes, Virginia, There Is a Stitch-and-Ship 

April 5, 2013 -- Breker Verification System's Maheen Hamid recently published an article [1] warning about the dangers of the "stitch-and-ship" approach that some system-on-chip (SOC) teams employ. She discussed argument that if all the individu ... read more

Formal Verification Works Well for Connectivity Checking 

March 15, 2013 -- Connectivity checking the verification of device wiring is among the many unheralded, yet essential, tasks in ASIC design. In a nutshell, it's making sure that the connections between blocks of logic are correct. This is no ... read more

Verified Beyond Doubt 

March 14, 2013 -- What design team doesn't have the desire make that goal to have a chip that works as intended and taped out in just one spin? Come on. Let's be honest: They all do! Well then, let's focus on the methodology and tools to mee ... read more

Formal Verification and Validation 

March 14, 2013 -- I got my first demo of a formal verification tool in the spring of 1992. It was given by Paul Menchini of VHDL and other IEEE standards fame. No one could accuse Paul of not understanding the theory or not being familiar with C ... read more

A Call to Action: How 20nm Will Change IC Design 

February 8, 2013 -- The 20-nm process node promises performance, power and capacity breakthroughs that will allow electronics OEMs to provide the next generation of differentiated products. But the 20-nm node also raises significant new challeng ... read more

Demystifying Analog and Mixed-Signal ASICs 

February 8, 2013 -- Application specific integrated circuits, ASICs, typically conjure up the notion of massively complex logic chips containing tens or hundreds of thousands (even millions) of transistors configured to solve a customer's unique ... read more

The SOC Interconnect-Verification Challenge 

January 14, 2013 -- With increasing numbers of CPU cores, multimedia subsystems and communication IPs in today's systems-on-chips, the main SOC interconnects, crossbars or network-on-chip fabrics become key components of the system. In addition, ... read more

Exposing the Hidden Costs of Using Off-the-Shelf Analog ICs 

January 14, 2013 -- With the demise of industry-wide second-sourcing and the move to developing purely proprietary designs, analog IC companies have raised the profit bar to new heights. Less affected than their digital brethren by the cyclical ... read more

TLM-Driven Design and Verification: Time for a Methodology Shift 

January 7, 2013 -- While today's RTL design and verification flows are a step up from the gate-level flows of two decades ago, RTL flows are straining to meet the demands of most product teams. When designs are sourced and verified at the regist ... read more

Clock Domain Crossing Demystified 

January 2, 2013 -- The increase in SOC designs is leading to the extensive use of asynchronous clock domains. The clock-domain-crossing (CDC) interfaces are required to follow strict design principles for reliable operation. Also, verification o ... read more

Changing the Paradigm of Electrical Test 

January 2, 2013 -- The test of electronic circuits has been a key topic in the industry since the first transistor was developed, and today it is as relevant as ever. Test strategies are graded by how close they come to the ideal test solution w ... read more

RTL Analysis for Complex FPGA Designs Using a Grey Cell Methodology 

January 2, 2013 -- As designs are getting more complex, we are seeing two major issues that designers have to deal with in the RTL analysis space. The first issue has to do with sheer design size and the associated data volume. As designs go thr ... read more

Power and Thermal Modeling and Analysis of Multi-Die Packages 

December 17, 2012 -- Today's system designer has an unprecedented technology portfolio to conjure up the most-sophisticated, feature-rich designs for a variety of markets. But to produce designs that are competitive and meet or exceed customer e ... read more

Building Energy-Efficient ICs from the Ground Up 

December 5, 2012 -- Power consumption has moved to the forefront of digital-IC development as component sizes shrink and insulating layers on gates become thinner. To enable today's advanced low-power techniques, the design flow must holisticall ... read more

The Case for Developing Custom Analog SOCs 

December 3, 2012 -- Custom analog SOC (system-on-chip) designs are now a real option for many system houses and OEMs that previously found such designs outside their budgets. The reduction in fabrication costs for older-node processes (especial ... read more

3D ICs with TSVs: Design Challenges and Requirements 

December 3, 2012 -- As demands accelerate for increasing density, higher bandwidths, and lower power, many IC design teams are looking to 3D ICs with through-silicon vias (TSVs). 3D ICs promise "more-than-Moore" integration by packing a great de ... read more

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