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Arasan Chip Systems Licenses SDIO Device IP Core to Samsung Electronics  
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April 14, 2006 -- Arasan Chip Systems, Inc. has licensed its SDIO Device Controller IP Core to Samsung Electronics, Korea. Arasanís SDIO Device Controller IP Core conforms to SDIO Device Specification version 1.20, with support for 50-MHz operation giving a maximum throughput of 200Mbps in SD-4 bit mode. Version 1.20 also provides for operation at 1.8V making the SDIO Standard ideal for Mobile Phones. Arasan also has the SDIO Combo Controller core which supports the SD Memory functionality in addition to I/O.

Arasan provides a total solution to all its licensees and its IP deliverables include Verilog RTL source code, test environment, firmware, development boards with reference designs and complete technical documentation. The package also includes optional SDIO development tools like the SDIO Linux Stack and the SDIO Device Validation platform. Arasanís SDIO Validation platform, which consists of Arasanís PCI Card based SDIO Host Hardware Development Kit (HDK) is the easiest way for SDIO IC designers and software engineers to prototype their chips, develop drivers for Win CE, XP & Linux and give customer demonstrations. The SDIO Host Card is FPGA based and can be programmed with the latest version of Arasanís SD/SDIO Host IP core compliant to Version 1.00 or 2.00.

Go to the Arasan Chip Systems, Inc. website for details.

E-mail Arasan Chip Systems, Inc. for more information.

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