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Ensure Valid Design Constraints Throughout the Design Process  by Cadence Design Systems, Inc. in EDN Magazine

April 14, 2005 -- Shrinking devices and innovative design styles have enabled the creation of multimillion-transistor systems operating at multiple gigahertz. Unfortunately, the size and complexity of design constraints to build these designs ar ... read more

A Practical Approach to Design Reuse  by Mentor Graphics Corp. in Electronic Engineering Times (EE Times)

April 11, 2005 -- There has been much discussion and a great deal of ink devoted to the topic of reuse. This topic is usually covered from the perspective of designing new code for reuse in future designs. Most pundits agree that this is a good ... read more

What Designers Need to Know About TCAD  by Synopsys, Inc. in eeDesign (EE Times EDA News)

April 4, 2005 -- Issues with manufacturability and yield are forcing the EDA industry and IC manufacturing to move closer together. In particular, process and device information that affect functionality and yield need to be incorporated into ... read more

Assembly Required: Using Reference Design Resources  by EDN Magazine

March 31, 2005 -- Processor vendors continue to improve and increase the amount of design support they offer. In addition to offering increasingly more sophisticated software-development tools, reference designs represent a growing trend ... read more

All Design is Analog -- Some More So than Others  by EDN Magazine

March 31, 2005 --Today's designs are increasingly complex, requiring more functions and decreased cost and size. Power consumption, signal interactions, and parasitics phenomena all result in integration bottlenecks. With current technology, a ... read more

Getting to a Higher Level   by Electronic Design Magazine

March 31, 2005 -- When the topic of design languages comes up, most industry veterans think back to the "language wars" of the late 1980s and early 1990s. Back then, VHDL and Verilog vied for dominance, with numerous other proprietary hardware ... read more

XML Provides Language for Hardware Specification  by LSI Corp. in Electronic Engineering Times (EE Times)

March 28, 2005 -- We propose the use of XML for specifying and designing hardware. Many different methods for the specification of hardware designs are in use. The majority of these are based on either closed markup languages (word processors) ... read more

Low-Power Flow Enables Multi-Supply Voltage ICs  by ARM in Electronic Engineering Times (EE Times)

March 21, 2005 --Designers face a continuing struggle in balancing power and performance in leading-edge system-on-chip (SoC) designs. A higher supply voltage can mean faster devices, but at the cost of greater power consumption a problem co ... read more

Industrial-Strength Analog  by EDN Magazine

March 17, 2005 -- Purveyors of modern, high-speed logic would like to think of their products as the center of the technological universe, and perhaps they are right. But before information gets to the center, it needs to travel from its perip ... read more

Modeling Gigabit Backplanes from Measurements  by TDA Systems, Inc. in EDN Magazine

March 17, 2005 -- Designs that incorporate backplanes and interconnects operating at greater than 1 Gbps require accurate Spice and IBIS (I/O-buffer-information) models. At such speeds, these interconnects appear to be complex, often distribut ... read more

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