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QuickLogic Supplying Engineering Samples Of PolarPro II CSSP Solution Platform  
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April 28, 2008 -- QuickLogic Corp. is now offering engineering samples of its next-generation PolarPro II Customer Specific Standard Product (CSSP) solution platform. This latest addition to the popular PolarPro line is specifically designed to meet the connectivity, intelligence, and system logic requirements of portable and mobile applications.

The PolarPro II solution platform builds on the PolarPro architecture with increased capacity and flexibility. Based on QuickLogic’s patented ViaLink technology, PolarPro II offers small foot print packages and ultra-low power consumption. The Very Low Power (VLP) mode freezes system operation, during which the static current drops to less than 5 microamps. Entry and exit from the VLP mode are as fast as 10µs, allowing systems to conserve energy by shutting down in between bursts of activity.


QuickLogic now provides CSSPs by implementing Proven System Blocks (PSB) in a base silicon platform, such as PolarPro II or ArcticLink. CSSPs then serve to meet the specific design requirements of each OEM/ODM. The end result is a fully tested, customized device, along with the necessary software drivers for the host operating system. CSSP customers utilizing the PolarPro II solution platform are now able to receive engineering samples of their CSSP designs for evaluation and system prototyping.

Go to the QuickLogic Corp. website to find additional information.

E-mail QuickLogic Corp. for more information.

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