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 Category: News: News Archive 2008: Wednesday, October 26, 2016
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Latest Imagination Technologies PowerVR SGX531 Graphics IP Core Available For Licensing 

October 15, 2008 -- Imagination Technologies, Ltd. has announced the launch of the PowerVR SGX531 intellectual property (IP) core with native support for emerging trends in higher performance SOCs (system-on-chip) that incorporate 128-bit ... read more

GSA Reports Fabless Revenue Totaled $27.3 Billion, 12% Growth Year-Over-Year in 1H 2008  Featured

October 15, 2008 - The Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) has released the CYQ2 2008 version of its Global Semiconductor Financial Report. This quarterly report includes detailed trend analysis on financial data for fabless, integrated d ... read more

Renesas Electronics Unveils R8C/Lx Series MCUs with Feature-Rich LCD Capabilities, 1.8-V to 5.5-V Operation Support and Versatile Peripherals 

October 15, 2008 -- Renesas Electronics Corp. has announced a new generation of microcontrollers (MCUs) with an on-board LCD controller. The R8C/Lx Series is the latest addition to the Renesas R8C Family of MCUs, which incorporates the po ... read more

Renesas SH77721 SH-NaviJ Series SOC Ideal for Low-End to Mid-Range Car Navigation Systems 

October 15, 2008 -- Renesas Electronics Corp. has announced the SH77721 SOC (system-on-chip) device. It's the first product in the new SH-NaviJ series, a new SuperH processor that is tailored for low-end through middle-range car informati ... read more

imec Starts New Research Activities on Resistive RAM 

October 15, 2008 -- To explore solutions to overcome the scaling limitations of conventional Flash memory cells, imec has started new research activities on resistive RAM (RRAM) cells.

Resistive switching memories are based on materials w ... read more

TI's New Eight-channel Power Sequencer and Monitor with Non-Volatile Error Logging Improves System Reliability 

October 15, 2008 -- Texas Instruments, Inc. (TI) has introduced a new eight-channel sequencer and monitor with non-volatile error logging to support the latest generation microprocessors, ASICs and DSPs, improving system reliability and ... read more

imec Presents Scalable Architecture for Flexible Forward Error Correction 

October 15, 2008 -- imec has developed an innovative architecture for flexible forward error correction (FEC). The solution targets data-transmission applications that need to combine flexibility, high throughput, and low power consumptio ... read more

New Digital Current/Power Monitor IC from TI Offers Smaller, More Accurate Current Sensing 

October 13, 2008 -- Texas Instruments, Inc. (TI) has introduced a zero-drift, bi-directional current/ power monitor chip with an I2C interface. Featuring highest accuracy and smallest size, the new INA219 monitors the drop across a shunt ... read more

Mentor's Olympus-SoC Place-and-Route System Slashes Design Closure Times with Parallel Timing Analysis and Optimization Technology 

October 13, 2008 -- Mentor Graphics Corp. today announced the immediate availability of new task-oriented parallelism technology in the Mentor Graphics Olympus-SoC place-and-route system that allows timing analysis and optimization tasks ... read more

Frontier Silicon Launches a Next-Generation, Low-Cost, Low-Power Unified Receiver Module 

October 13, 2008 -- Frontier Silicon, Ltd. has announced its latest generation of unified receiver modules. The new Venice 7 module has been fully optimised to ensure the lowest levels of cost and power consumption while providing feature ... read more

Magma Software Enables Impinj to Reduce Turnaround Time for RFID ICs by 200%, Power by 30%, Area by 25% 

October 13, 2008 -- Magma Design Automation, Inc. today announced that Impinj has standardized on Magma's IC implementation software. Impinj, a provider of radio-frequency identification (RFID) solutions, selected Magma's system after it ... read more

TriQuint Releases Small, Highly Integrated GPS Front-End Module 

October 13, 2008 -- TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc. today announced the release of its newest highly-integrated RF module for GPS (global positioning satellite) navigation systems. The new front-end module combines filter and low-noise ampli ... read more

Actel Addresses Miniaturization and Portability Trends in Medical Equipment 

October 13, 2008 -- Actel Corp. believes that its mixed-signal Fusion and low-power Igloo and ProASIC3 families are enabling designers of medical equipment to stay ahead of the growing trends toward miniaturization and portability. The ul ... read more

EDA Consortium Reports Industry Revenue Down Slightly in Second Quarter 2008  Featured

October 10, 2008 -- The EDA Consortium (EDAC) Market Statistics Service (MSS) today announced that the electronic design automation (EDA) industry revenue for Q2 2008 declined 3.7% to $1357.4 million, compared to $1408.8 million in Q2 200 ... read more

Phabrix Leverages Xilinx Programmable Solutions in Handheld 3G-SDI Test Signal Analyzer for Broadcast Applications 

October 10, 2008 -- Xilinx, Inc. today announced that Phabrix, Ltd., a provider of portable broadcast equipment based in the U.K., has leveraged Xilinx low-cost, low-power programmable solutions to enable the industry's first handheld 3G- ... read more

Timesys Announces Embedded Linux ReadyKits 

October 10, 2008 -- Timesys Corp. has announced general availability of embedded Linux ReadyKits for several popular ARM-based processors. Assembled by Timesysí Online Linux Factory, ReadyKits enable embedded developers to have a robust L ... read more

Verification Now 2008 Global Seminar Series to Focus on SystemVerilog Testbench Design 

October 10, 2008 -- The Verification Now 2008 global seminar program, set to launch on October 14 and run through November 3, will provide design and verification engineers with technical "how-to" information that addresses key points of ... read more

Abatron Adds On-Chip Development Support for RMI's Multi-Core Multi-Threaded XLR and XLS Processor Families 

October 10, 2008 -- Abatron AG has added full on-chip development support for ís multi-core, multi-threaded XLR and XLS processor families. Abatronís high-speed debugging tools provide a complete solution for board debug and application d ... read more

Fujitsu Microelectronics, e-Shuttle and D2S to Develop Maskless ICs 

October 10, 2008 -- Fujitsu Microelectronics, Ltd., e-Shuttle, Inc. and D2S have announced an agreement under which Fujitsu Microelectronics and e-Shuttle will adopt D2S' advanced design-for-e-beam (DFEB) technology, starting with ... read more

Atmel's AT91SAM9260 Processor Drives Indesign's Computer-on-Module Reference Platform 

October 9, 2008 -- Atmel Corp. and Indesign, LLC have announced the availability of a computer-on-module (COM) reference platform for use in products designed by Indesign engineers for their clients. The COM platform is based on th ... read more

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