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STMicroelectronics Unveils High-Performance SOC for Next Generation of Integrated Broadcast and Broadband-Internet Digital TVs  
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December 16, 2009 -- STMicroelectronics has launched a new generation of high-performance, full high-definition (FHD) H.264/MPEG system-on-chip (SOC) ICs for the world-wide flat-panel digital TV (DTV) market. The FLI7510 is the first member of the new family (code-named "Freeman") of performance- and software-scalable SOCs, addressing mainstream and high-end segments of the DTV market. In addition, the FLI7510 is designed to meet the increasingly stringent system-energy consumption standards for "green" consumer electronics equipment.

Compatible with digital terrestrial TV standards worldwide, the FLI7510 comprises an extensive portfolio of industry-leading capabilities including:
  • Flexible and powerful decoder, providing support for all major video content formats.
  • Faroudja-optimized video and audio processing.
  • Internet TV-ready environment including fully dedicated application processor and advanced graphics capabilities.
  • Content protection via secure processor supporting major standards.
  • Field-proven, high-level API (application programming interface) for accelerated time-to-market for TV OEMs.

Technical details

  • Dedicated, multi-format video decoder - A field-proven, flexible, multi-format decoder which is deployed in millions of set-top boxes cable as well as in digital TVs. Continuing the evolution path in this IP, the latest version includes native decode support for all leading video content formats such as high definition MPEG-2, H.264, VC1, AVS and DivX, as well as blazing JPEG decode.
  • Dedicated, dual programmable audio DSPs - New levels of audio performance are now possible with FLI7510. With a large library of name brand and ST proprietary, standard as well as post-processing algorithms available for TV OEMs to choose from, the FLI7510 brings digital audio processing to the forefront.
  • Security processor - Allows content owners and TV OEMs to confidently proliferate rich compelling content to FLI7510-based TVs operating in a trusted and secured environment. The FLI7510 fully supports emerging security standards such as DVB-CI+, allows full compliance with DRM robustness rules while providing hardware acceleration to offload the main application processor.
  • Faroudja video optimized - Leveraging Faroudja's 35 years of home theater display expertise, the latest innovations include:
    • Leading analog video capture/ decoder/ processor elevates legacy analog content to a stellar quality level suited for large, full high definition displays.
    • Faroudja 14-bit color/ contrast processing delivers outstanding and precise fidelity on high performance FHD TV panels. This accurate processing maximizes the rendition of content with xv.YCC and deep color encoding. Precise color re-mapping tools allow TV OEMs to render image characteristics to their proprietary preferences.
    • Faroudja Movie Theme - FLI7510-powered FHD TVs can be equipped with a pre-calibrated theme easily accessible by the consumer. This theme delivers an immersive experience with more natural and life-like results from Blu-ray and other high definition content.
    • Faroudja video tuning tools - Critically important for successful deployment of advanced video processing technologies is a flexible suite of tools which allow TV OEMs to rapidly prototype and customize to their video quality needs. To this end, the Faroudja video quality tuning application allows for access to detailed FLI7510 video personalization parameters in a real-time, easy-to-use PC- based graphical user interface environment. As well, a powerful capability to inject TV OEMs' proprietary, real-time, frame-by-frame, adaptive video quality algorithms inside FLI7510 is supported, fulfilling a long sought-after capability for differentiation.
  • Faroudja audio optimized - This unique capability delivers unprecedented stereo audio fidelity from standard TV speakers, not only allows TV OEMs to reduce bill-of-materials cost, but also allows aggressive styling of the TV chassis and bezel designs in an attractive, slim profile. Faroudja Audio Optimized, quickly and easily implemented once per TV model, is the industry's first equalization technique based on a FIR filter design and proprietary algorithms that correct both amplitude and phase deficiencies in the loudspeaker stereo response profile.
  • Internet TV-ready - An optimized Linux environment leveraging a fully dedicated application processor plus accelerated A/V decoders, graphics engine, and security processor, enables FLI7510-based TVs to deliver rich, interactive applications for convenient access to multimedia content, both from within the home and from the Internet. ST's strong relationships with popular Internet TV service and technology providers give TV OEMs a fast ramp-up to deliver compelling value-add content to the living room.

Availability and Pricing

The FLI7510 SoC is now sampling to qualified customers. Pricing is available upon request. The FLI7510 will be demonstrated at ST's private demo suite at CES 2010 in Las Vegas.

Go to the STMicroelectronics website for details.

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