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 Category: News: News Archive 2011: Friday, October 28, 2016
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SPIRIT DSP Signs Fifth Licensing Agreement with Polycom 

July 7, 2011 -- SPIRIT DSP has signed its fifth licensing agreement with Polycom, a provider of videoconferencing hardware. Under terms of the agreement, Polycom has licensed SPIRIT's product to support videoconferencing on the Polycom ... read more

Taifatech Selects Elliptic Technologies' HDCP 2.0 Content Protection Solution to Deliver High-Performance Streaming Media 

July 7, 2011 -- Taifatech has joined forces with security IP supplier Elliptic Technologies, Inc. to build a comprehensive content-protection solution for its wireless digital TV streaming controllers.

"Elliptic Technolo ... read more

Microsemi Acquires ASIC Advantage 

July 7, 2011 -- Microsemi Corp. today announced that it has acquired privately-held ASIC Advantage, Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company that designs and manufactures high-performance, high-voltage and radiation-hardened mixed-signal ... read more

VIA Technologies Sells Stake in S3 Graphics 

July 6, 2011 -- VIA Technologies, Inc. has signed definitive agreement to sell all of its shareholding in S3 Graphics Co., Ltd. to HTC Corp.

VIA acquired S3 Graphics in 2001 with the intention of accelerating inte ... read more

Valens Semiconductor Closes $14 Million Investment B Round 

July 6, 2011 -- Valens Semiconductor, Ltd., a provider of semiconductor products for the distribution of uncompressed high-definition (HD) multimedia content and the inventor of the HDBaseT technology, announced today that it has raised $ ... read more

Mentor Graphics Expands Verification Academy Portal with Additional UVM/OVM Content  Featured

July 7, 2011 -- Mentor Graphics Corp. today announced that the Mentor Verification Academy website, which provides access to information and online training on advanced functional verification technologies, has been expanded to serve the ... read more

Cortus APS3 Processor at the Heart of PointChips Touch Screen Controller Chip 

July 6, 2011 -- The Cortus SA APS3 processor is being used by PointChips Co., Ltd. in its latest advanced touch-screen-controller chips. The APS3 provides the processing power to translate the signals received from the sensors on a ... read more

MegaChips Selects Arteris High-Speed Inter-Chip Communications IP 

July 6, 2011 -- Arteris SA today announced that MegaChips Corp. has selected Arteris' IP solutions for multiple semiconductor designs. MegaChips chose Arteris IP to support the high-speed inter-chip communication requirements in ne ... read more

Microchip Launches 60-MIPS Enhanced Core dsPIC33 DSCs and PIC24 MCUs 

July 5, 2011 -- Microchip Technology, Inc. today announced 60-MIPS 16-bit dsPIC digital signal controllers (DSCs) and PIC24 microcontrollers (MCUs). Based upon the next-generation dsPIC DSC/ PIC24 MCU core, the 60-MIPS dsPIC33 and PIC24 ... read more

CEVA Enhances CEVA-XC DSP Product Offering with HSPA+ Software IP 

July 6, 2011 -- CEVA, Inc. today announced the availability of fully optimized HSPA+ software libraries for the CEVA-XC DSP. The addition of these new libraries to the CEVA-XC software-defined radio (SDR) reference architecture enables th ... read more

Innovative Logic Announces Free Licensing of Its USB 3.0 SuperSpeed IP 

July 6, 2011 -- Innovative Logic, Inc. announced today it will start free licensing of its USB3.0 Device Controller IP for prototyping purposes. Innovative Logic will also help designers in creating prototypes by sharing its expertise in ... read more

Xilinx ISE Design Suite 13.2 Boosts Designer Productivity and Brings Partial Reconfiguration to Kintex-7, Virtex-7 FPGAs 

July 6, 2011 -- Xilinx, Inc. today released ISE Design Suite 13.2, providing support for the 28-nm 7 series families including the recently introduced Virtex-7 VX485T device being demonstrated to customers.

In addition, t ... read more

Imagination Technologies Enables META Connected Processor Embedded System Development by University of Southampton Students 

July 5, 2011 -- Imagination Technologies, Ltd. has donated a set of embedded systems development kits to the Electronics & Computer Science department at the University of Southampton. The development systems, called METAmorph ... read more

Tektronix Acquires Veridae Systems  Featured

July 5, 2011 -- Tektronix, Inc. today announced the acquisition of Veridae Systems, Inc. Founded in 2009 to commercialize research from the University of British Columbia, Veridae delivers three leading products for ASIC/ FPGA prot ... read more

Logicview Selects Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGAs for Next-Generation SOC Prototyping System and Emulation Platform 

July 5, 2011 -- Xilinx, Inc. today announced that Beijing Logicview Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has selected Virtex-6 FPGAs for the company's next-generation prototyping system and hardware emulation platform slated for introduction i ... read more

X-FAB Adds eFlash to High-Voltage 0.18-micron Foundry Offering 

July 5, 2011 -- X-FAB Silicon Foundries AG today enhanced its XH018 0.18-µm high-voltage process with a highly reliable new embedded Flash solution. It offers the industry's lowest mask count of 32 mask layers in total for the modul ... read more

Adesto Technologies and Altis Semiconductor Announce Partnership on CBRAM Memory Technology Platform 
July 4, 2011 -- Adesto Technologies and Altis Semiconductor have announced the formation of a development and manufacturing partnership that will lead to the delivery of the first Conductive Bridging RAM (CBRAM)-based devices in 2011. ... read more
Lattice Announces First PCI Express 2.0 Compliant Low-Cost FPGA 

July 5, 2011 -- Lattice Semiconductor Corp. today announced that its LatticeECP3 FPGA family is compliant with the PCI Express 2.0 specification at 2.5Gbps. The LatticeECP3 FPGA and its PCI Express (PCIe) IP core passed PCI-SIG PCIe v2.0 ... read more

HDL Design House Joins Cadence IP Alliance Program 

July 4 , 2011 -- HDL Design House has signed a strategic agreement with Cadence Design Systems, Inc. to join the Cadence IP Alliance program. This agreement with Cadence will enable HDL Design House to gain access to Cadence end-to ... read more

Crocus Introduces Magnetic-Logic-Unit (MLU) Technology 

July 4, 2011 -- Crocus Technology, a developer of magnetic semiconductors, has announced its Magnetic-Logic-Unit (MLU) architecture, a scalable evolution of Crocus' Thermally Assisted Switching (TAS) technology, that permits practical imp ... read more

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