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 Category: EDA/EDA Tools: Wednesday, September 28, 2016
 EDA/EDA Tools is engaged in a major project to build the most comprehensive directory of EDA tools – and EDA tool vendors – available on the Internet. As we add tools to the directory, they'll be highlighted here so if you see a tool that you're not familiar with, take the time to check it out.

The database of EDA tool suppliers includes brief company descriptions and links to their news announcements, articles that have been published online, as well as whitepapers and tutorials available online.

EDA Tool Categories

EDA Tools added to the SOCcentral Directory since Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Tool Name and Vendor


GateVision PRO Netlist Debugging and Viewing (Concept Engineering GmbH)

Viewing & Debugging

Nlview Widgets Automatic Schematic Generation (Concept Engineering GmbH)

Schematic Generation

RTLvision PRO RTL Debugging and Visualization (Concept Engineering GmbH)

Viewing & Debugging

SGvision PRO Gate- and SPICE-Level Visualization and Debugging (Concept Engineering GmbH)

Viewing & Debugging

SpiceVision PRO SPICE Debugging (Concept Engineering GmbH)

Schematic Generation

StarVision PRO Mixed-Signal and Mixed-Language Debugger (Concept Engineering GmbH)

Viewing & Debugging

T-engine Transistor-Level Schematic Generator (Concept Engineering GmbH)

Schematic Generation

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Magazine & Journal articles on EDA and EDA tools

Simulation "Unknowns" and Synthesis "Don't Cares" (Electronic Engineering Times (EE Times)) 11/5/2014
Clock-Domain Crossing Verification: Essentials to Achieve SOC Success (ChipEstimate) 10/28/2014
SOC Verification: Can We Stop the Stampede? (Electronic Engineering Times (EE Times)) 10/9/2014
Test-Cost Challenges in LPCT (Low-Pin-Count Test) Designs (EDN Magazine) 10/7/2014
Trends in Power Supply Packaging: Advances in Component Integration (EDN Magazine) 10/6/2014
Faster Integration Verification for Test Vehicles Using Formal Techniques (EDN Magazine) 9/30/2014
The Evolution of lint (Tech Design Forum) 9/30/2014
Top 5 Things to Know About Wireless Power Design (EDN Magazine) 9/25/2014
Is FPGA Power Design Ready for Concurrent Engineering? (EDN Magazine) 9/24/2014
Managing Power Network Integrity and Voltage Drop in Design Implementation (EDN Magazine) 9/23/2014
Reliable SOC Bus Architecture Improves Performance (EDN Magazine) 9/23/2014
Accurate Compact Thermal Models of Three-Die Power Packages (EDN Magazine) 9/22/2014
Design Faults Leading to Clock and Data Glitches (EDN Magazine) 9/19/2014
Efficiently Estimate and Optimize Leakage in SOCs (EDN Magazine) 9/10/2014
Design Shifts from PCB- to Product-Centric (EDN Magazine) 9/9/2014
Silicon Validation: A Black-Box Approach (EDN Magazine) 9/3/2014
BIST Schemes for ADCs (EDN Magazine) 8/29/2014
Automatically Generated C Test Cases Earn a Solid Return on Investment (Electronic Design Magazine) 8/27/2014
Memory Partitioning and Slack Scheduling Boost Performance in Safety-Critical Applications (Electronic Design Magazine) 8/26/2014
Signal Integrity and Power Integrity in High-Speed Design (EDN Magazine) 8/26/2014
Challenges and Benefits of Low-Power Design Verification with CPF for a Standalone IP (Design & Reuse) 8/25/2014
Intelligent Vt Structuring to Avoid Temperature Inversion for Performance Gain (Design & Reuse) 8/21/2014
C++14 Adds Embedded Features (Electronic Design Magazine) 8/19/2014
Macromodel Extraction Automated Using Spice Netlists (EDN Magazine) 8/17/2014
Macromodel Extraction Automated Using Spice Netlists (EDN Magazine) 8/17/2014
Basics of Multi-Cycle and False Paths (EDN Magazine) 8/7/2014
The Silicon Enigma: Bridging the Gap Between Simulation and Silicon (Design & Reuse) 8/7/2014
GLS Challenges and Solutions with High-Speed Interfaces (EDN Magazine) 8/3/2014
MBIST Verification: Best Practices and Challenges (EDN Magazine) 7/25/2014
Improve Logic Timing with Worst-Case Analysis (Electronic Design Magazine) 7/21/2014
Challenges in LBIST Validation for High-Reliability SOCs (EDN Magazine) 7/19/2014
Apply IEEE 1500 to Integrate Multiple JTAG Chains in SOCs (Electronic Design Magazine) 7/17/2014
Validating and Using the I2C Protocol (EDN Magazine) 7/15/2014
CDC verification of Billion-Gate SOCs (EDN Magazine) 7/13/2014
It's Time to Embrace Objective-Driven Verification (Tech Design Forum) 7/13/2014
SystemVerilog versus SystemC (Design & Reuse) 7/11/2014
Reduce SOC Verification Time Through Reuse in Pre-Silicon Validation (EDN Magazine) 7/9/2014
Pitfalls of State-Transition Clock Gating (EDN Magazine) 7/5/2014
Skillfully Emulating a System-on-Chip (Design & Reuse) 6/30/2014
Optimization Methodologies for Cycle-Accurate SystemC Models Converted from RTL VHDL (Design & Reuse) 6/20/2014
An Effective Way to Drastically Reduce Bug Fixing Time in SOC Verification (Design & Reuse) 6/18/2014
Simplify Analog Circuit Analysis with Impedance and a Signal Flow Graph (EDN Magazine) 6/18/2014
Simplify Analog Circuit Analysis with Impedance and a Signal-Flow Graph (EDN Magazine) 6/18/2014
Hybrid Execution: The Next Step in the Evolution of Hardware-Software Co-Development (EDN Magazine) 6/3/2014
Low-Power Analysis and Verification of Super-Speed Inter-Chip (SSIC) IP (Design & Reuse) 6/2/2014
CPF-Based Verification of an SOC (Design & Reuse) 5/30/2014
Design Rights Management of Intellectual Property (IP) Cores in SoPC Designs (Design & Reuse) 5/18/2014
Seven Benefits of Boundary Scan (EDN Magazine) 5/8/2014
Design Efficiency Metrics Growing Fuzzier (Semiconductor Engineering) 4/24/2014
Does Formal Have You Covered? (Semiconductor Engineering) 4/24/2014
Extending UVM to Analog (Semiconductor Engineering) 4/24/2014
Graphing Toward Standardization (Semiconductor Engineering) 4/24/2014
How to Improve Debug Productivity (Semiconductor Engineering) 4/24/2014
Adding CRC to BIST Improves SOC Safety amd Reliability (EDN Magazine) 4/23/2014
An Intelligent Scan-stitched Architecture for Better ATPG Test Efficiency (EDN Magazine) 4/22/2014
IP Exchange Through Hand-Off for Easy System-on-Chip Design (Design & Reuse) 4/17/2014
Hierarchy Provides a Smarter Approach to SOC CDC Verification (Tech Design Forum) 4/16/2014
Reset Optimization Pays Big Dividends Before Simulation (Tech Design Forum) 4/16/2014
The Case for Rigid-Flex PCB Technology (EDN Magazine) 4/15/2014
A Guide to Advanced Process Design Kits (Semiconductor Engineering) 4/14/2014
What's the Difference Between FPGA and Custom Silicon Emulators? (Electronic Design Magazine) 4/14/2014
Minimize Crosstalk with Optimized PCB Routing Techniques (EDN Magazine) 4/10/2014
SV Assertion-Based Error Signaling Checks and Application Across Popular Bus Protocols (Design & Reuse) 4/10/2014
Development Kits Light Up the Internet of Things (Electronic Design Magazine) 4/9/2014
New Approaches for Reliability (Semiconductor Engineering) 3/28/2014
Distortion Effects Prevail in RF Design (Semiconductor Engineering) 3/27/2014
EDA Shapes Its Future (Semiconductor Engineering) 3/27/2014
Formal Is Set to Overtake Simulation (Semiconductor Engineering) 3/27/2014
How Much Will that Chip Cost? (Semiconductor Engineering) 3/27/2014
Big Shift in SoC Verification (Semiconductor Engineering) 3/17/2014
Overcoming FPGA Board-Design Challenges (EDN Magazine) 3/6/2014
10 Must Knows About Virtual Prototypes (Semiconductor Engineering) 2/27/2014
Abstractions: The Good, Bad and Ugly (Semiconductor Engineering) 2/27/2014
Is Verification at a Crossroads? (Semiconductor Engineering) 2/27/2014
Complexity Drives Smart Reporting (Tech Design Forum) 2/26/2014
The Manual Cost of Managing Open-Source and Third-Party Code (Electronic Design Magazine) 2/19/2014
Software Makes a Difference in Embedded Design (Electronics Weekly) 2/18/2014
Use Embedded Components to Improve PCB Performance and Reduce Size (Electronic Design Magazine) 2/11/2014
Efficient Analysis of CDC Violations in a Million Gate SOC - Part 2 (EDN Magazine) 2/3/2014
How to Speed Up Verification (Semiconductor Engineering) 1/30/2014
The Growing Verification Challenge (Semiconductor Engineering) 1/30/2014
Development Tools Move to the Cloud (Electronic Design Magazine) 1/24/2014
Xilinx Plug-and-Play IP: Accelerating Productivity and Design Reuse (ChipEstimate) 1/21/2014
Efficient Analysis of CDC Violations in a Million Gate SOC - Part 1 (EDN Magazine) 1/17/2014
RTL Synthesis Requirements for Advanced-Node Designs (EDN Magazine) 12/16/2013
Programmable Logic: A Practical Introduction for Beginners (EDN Magazine) 11/19/2013
Intuitive Sampling Theory-Part 4 (EDN Magazine) 10/14/2013
5 Keys for Optimizing SoC Latency and Bandwidth (ChipEstimate) 10/8/2013
Apply Memory BIST to External DRAMs (EDN Magazine) 10/2/2013
SystemC in SOC Development (Design & Reuse) 10/1/2013
Verification Challenges of ADC Subsystem Integration within an SOC (EDN Magazine) 9/30/2013
Reducing Risk in Implementing Technical Computing Algorithms (EDN Magazine) 9/28/2013
Intuitive Sampling Theory-Part 3 (EDN Magazine) 9/27/2013
An Efficient Approach to Evaluate Dynamic and Static Voltage-Drop on a Multi-Million Transistor SOC Design (Design & Reuse) 9/19/2013
Digital Signal Processing Verification (Design & Reuse) 9/19/2013
Middlebrook's Extra Element Theorem (EDN Magazine) 9/15/2013
Bridging the Gap: Pre- to Post-Silicon Functional Validation (Design & Reuse) 9/12/2013
Easier UVM Sequences: SystemVerilog UVM Sequence and Task Equivalence (Design & Reuse) 9/12/2013
Maximizing Test-Stream Coverage of Emerging Standards Like HEVC/H.265 (ChipEstimate) 9/10/2013
Test and Characterize RF Filters in IC Production: A New Approach (EDN Magazine) 9/7/2013
Plan Ahead for a Successful SOC-Based PCB Design (Electronic Design Magazine) 9/5/2013
"Custom Standards" and the Urgent Need for Next-Generation Intellectual Property Share (ChipEstimate) 9/3/2013
Challenges in Power Management Architectures with Internal Regulation (EDN Magazine) 8/28/2013
Open-Source Framework and Practical Considerations for Translating RTL VHDL to SystemC (Design & Reuse) 8/28/2013
Building High-Performance Interrupt Responses into an Embedded SOC Design (EE Times Embedded) 8/25/2013
Extreme Programming (Design & Reuse) 8/22/2013
Comparing Flat ATPG and Hierarchical Tests (EDN Magazine) 8/19/2013
Deriving Design Margins for Successful Timing Closure (EDN Magazine) 8/13/2013
How Reliable Is Your FPGA-based System? (Electronics Weekly) 8/12/2013
Design Planning for Large SOC Implemention at 40nm-Part 3 (EDN Magazine) 8/9/2013
A New Approach to Verifying HDMI (Chip Design Magazine) 8/1/2013
Gate-Level Simulation Resurgence: Is the Answer to Buy a Bigger Hammer? (Chip Design Magazine) 8/1/2013
Why Should We Care About RTL Sign-Off? (Chip Design Magazine) 8/1/2013
A Novel Approach for Improving OCV Impact Earlier in the Design Cycle (Design & Reuse) 7/30/2013
Formal Techniques Tackle the SOC Verification Challenge (Tech Design Forum) 7/25/2013
Low-Power Analog Interface Circuit-Design Techniques for SOCs (Electronic Design Magazine) 7/25/2013
Handling X-Bounding in LBIST Designs (EDN Magazine) 7/23/2013
High-Yield, Low Voltage Multi-Megabit SRAMs with Foundry Bit Cells (ChipEstimate) 7/23/2013
Eliminating Iterations in Gigahertz ASIC Hand-Off (Tech Design Forum) 7/19/2013
10 Tips for Mastering Version-Control Systems (EDN Magazine) 7/16/2013
Are We Too Hard for Agile? (Design & Reuse) 7/16/2013
Clock Gating Logic-Aware Design Closure (Design & Reuse) 7/16/2013
An Insight into Layout versus Schematic (EDN Magazine) 7/15/2013
New Circuit-Board Technologies Meet the Challenge of Digital Power (EDN Magazine) 7/15/2013
Seven Ways to Avoid Embedded PCB Engineering Change Orders (EE Times Embedded) 7/14/2013
Blocking and Non-Blocking RTOS APIs (EE Times Embedded) 7/13/2013
Design Planning for Large SOC Implementation at 40nm-Part 2 (EDN Magazine) 7/12/2013
Hierarchical Physical Design: Issues and Methodologies (EDN Magazine) 7/12/2013
Understanding Low-Power IC Design Techniques (Electronic Design Magazine) 7/11/2013
Using Configurable Processors as Alternatives to FPGAs (EE Times Embedded) 7/8/2013
Basics of Hardware/Firmware Interface Co-Design (EE Times Embedded) 7/7/2013
Simulation: Better than the Real Thing? (EE Times Embedded) 7/6/2013
Design IP Faster: Introducing the C-Flow High-Level Language (Design & Reuse) 7/4/2013
Using Network Standby to Lower Home/Office Device Power Consumption-Part 3 (EE Times Embedded) 7/2/2013
Using Network Standby to Lower Home/Office Device Power Consumption-Part 2 (EE Times Embedded) 7/1/2013
Using Network Standby to Lower Home/Office Device Power Consumption-Part 1 (EE Times Embedded) 6/25/2013
ISS and Architectural Exploration (EE Times EDA Designline) 6/24/2013
Latch-up Improvement for Tap Less Library Through Modified Decoupling Capacitors Cells (Design & Reuse) 6/24/2013
Low-Power Design for Testability (Design & Reuse) 6/20/2013
Test to Avoid Embedded Software Bugs (EDN Magazine) 6/20/2013
Dynamic Memory and Heap Contiguity (EE Times Embedded) 6/16/2013
Reduce SOC Power Consumption without High-Level Circuit-Design Tools (EE Times Embedded) 6/16/2013
A Need for Static and Dynamic Low-Power Verification (Design & Reuse) 6/5/2013
How to Design with finFETs (Tech Design Forum) 5/29/2013
Efficient Physical-Aware Timing ECO Solution (EE Times EDA Designline) 5/27/2013
Facing the Verification-Management Challenge (Tech Design Forum) 5/23/2013
A Generic DDR Behavioural Model (Design & Reuse) 5/22/2013
Address Jitter and Noise More Effectively with DDR4 - Part 1 (EE Times Memory Designline) 5/21/2013
Automated ECO Flow for Overall Cycle-Time Reduction (Design & Reuse) 5/17/2013
Building an RTL Sign-off Flow (Tech Design Forum) 5/14/2013
Power Verification Is Just as Important as Functional Verification for Complex SOCs (New Electronics Magazine) 5/14/2013
Moving to SystemC TLM for Design and Verification of Digital Hardware (EE Times EDA Designline) 5/13/2013
Understanding On-Board Flash Programming (Electronic Design Magazine) 5/10/2013
Eight Requirements for 3D-IC Design (Tech Design Forum) 5/8/2013
Design Planning for Large SOC Implementation at 40nm: Guaranteeing Predictable Schedule and First-Pass Silicon Success (EDN Magazine) 5/7/2013
Design for Manufacturing and Yield (EDN Magazine) 5/6/2013
How to Generate Test Patterns to Detect FinFET Defects (Test & Measurement World) 5/6/2013
Synthesis-Aware Clock Analysis and Constraints Generation (EE Times EDA Designline) 5/6/2013
Physical Verification of finFET and FD-SOI Devices (Tech Design Forum) 5/2/2013
The Power of Developing Hardware and Software in Parallel (Design & Reuse) 5/2/2013
Target Impedance-Based Solutions for Power-Distribution Networks May Not Provide Realistic Assessment (EDN Magazine) 5/1/2013
Tracking Down Interference in Complex RF Environments (EE Times Militray & Aerospace Highlights) 4/30/2013
Boost DFT Efficiency for Large SOCs (Test & Measurement World) 4/23/2013
The Use of FinFETs in IP Design (ChipEstimate) 4/23/2013
FinFET Challenges and Solutions: Custom, Digital, and Sign-Off (EE Times EDA Designline) 4/22/2013
The Five Key Challenges of 20-nm Custom and Analog Design (Tech Design Forum) 4/22/2013
3D-IC Integration: A Stepwise Approach (Tech Design Forum) 4/17/2013
Complex Standards Demand New Approaches to IP Quality (ChipEstimate) 4/16/2013
Small-Signal Simulation in the s-plane (EDN Magazine) 4/15/2013
Stitch and Ship No Longer Viable (EE Times EDA Designline) 4/15/2013
System Test Using JTAG (Design & Reuse) 4/15/2013
Advances in EDA Design Methodologies Led by Next-Generation FPGAs (DSP-FPGA) 4/10/2013
Time to Take Up the 3D-Integration Challenge (Tech Design Forum) 4/10/2013
A Low-Risk, High-Reward Approach to Adopting Formal Methods (EE Times EDA Designline) 4/8/2013
Building Your UVM Verification Environment for Cache-Coherent Interconnects (Design & Reuse) 4/4/2013
Developing Power-Sensitive, Low-Current MCU Designs (EE Times Power Management Designline) 4/4/2013
FPGAs Supercharge Instrument Flexibility (EE Times Programmable Logic Designline) 4/1/2013
Reclaiming Lost Yield Through Methodical Power-Integrity Optimization (EE Times EDA Designline) 4/1/2013
Communication-Centric Test and Debug Infrastructure for Multicore SOCs (Design & Reuse) 3/28/2013
Using Parallel FFT for Multi-Gigahertz FPGA Signal Processing (EE Times Test & Measurement Designline) 3/28/2013
3D Physical Simulation Tools Provide Superior FinFet Predictability (EE Times EDA Designline) 3/25/2013
Dynamic Partitioning Speeds Memory Characterization (EE Times Memory Designline) 3/25/2013
The Challenges of Using Open-Market IP in ASIC Designs (ChipEstimate) 3/19/2013
Smart Decap-Insertion Methodology (Design & Reuse) 3/18/2013
Hardware (and Software) Implications of Endianness in SOC Design ( 3/17/2013
Tensilica Acquisition to Accelerate Cadence Core Strategy (Electronic Engineering Times (EE Times)) 3/13/2013
Design Transition from Sync to Async: Design and Verification Challenges (Design & Reuse) 3/11/2013
Virtual Prototyping Methodology to Boot Linux on the ARM Cortex A15 (EE Times EDA Designline) 3/11/2013
Virtual Prototyping Methodology to Boot Linux on the ARM Cortex A15 (EE Times EDA Designline) 3/11/2013
Optimizing Clock-Tree Distribution in SOCs with Multiple Clock Sinks ( 3/10/2013
Testing HDMI and MHL Interfaces (EE Times Test & Measurement Designline) 3/8/2013
An Introduction to Off-Loading CPUs to FPGAs: Hardware Programming for Software Developers (EE Times Programmable Logic Designline) 3/7/2013
Advanced Yield-Enhancement Technique: Lithography-Friendly Design (EE Times EDA Designline) 3/4/2013
Best Design Practices for High-Capacity FPGA Devices (Electronic News) 3/4/2013
Prototyping Signal Processing and Communications Algorithms on FPGAs Using Model-Based Design (Electronic News) 2/27/2013
State of RTL-based Design: Is It Time to Move Beyond? (Design & Reuse) 2/25/2013
Using 3rd-Party IP in ASIC/SOC Design (EE Times EDA Designline) 2/25/2013
FPGA Design Heads into the Cloud (EE Times Programmable Logic Designline) 2/22/2013
Characterizing Mixed-Signal ICs for Production (EDN Magazine) 2/20/2013
A Practitioner's Guide to Critical-Software Certification (Electronic Design Magazine) 2/11/2013
Guidelines for Early Power Analysis (EE Times EDA Designline) 2/11/2013
The Perfect Storm: How FPGAs, Multicore CPUs, and Graphical Programming Are Changing the Economics of Embedded Design (Electronic News) 2/11/2013
FPGA Debugging Techniques to Speed Pre-Silicon Validation (EDN Magazine) 2/7/2013
Reducing Power in AMD Processor Cores with RTL Clock-Gating Analysis (EE Times EDA Designline) 2/4/2013
The Rise of the Online Circuit-Design Collective (Electronic Design Magazine) 2/4/2013
Accelerated VIP Solves Firmware and Driver Integration and Validation Trade-Offs (Tech Design Forum) 1/31/2013
Multilayer PCB Simulation (Electronic News) 1/31/2013
10 Software Tips for Hardware Engineers (EDN Magazine) 1/28/2013
Developing FPGA Applications for Edition 2 of the IEC 61508 Safety Standard (EE Times Programmable Logic Designline) 1/25/2013
Discover a Better Way to Go from C-Level to Synthesis for SOC Designs (Electronic Design Magazine) 1/25/2013
Verification IP: The Questions You Should Ask (Tech Design Forum) 1/24/2013
An ESD-Efficient, Generic Low-Power Wake-Up Methodology in an SOC (Design & Reuse) 1/23/2013
Sizing up the Verification Problem (Electronic Design Magazine) 1/23/2013
Accelerating Embedded Design with Cloud-Enabled Development Platforms (EDN Magazine) 1/22/2013
Tackling Large-Scale SOC and FPGA Prototyping Debug Challenges (EE Times EDA Designline) 1/21/2013
Get More out of System Architectures (Tech Design Forum) 1/18/2013
An Example Verification Environment for Different Types of Processor Models (Design & Reuse) 1/15/2013
Why USB 3.0 Will Drive SOC Verification in 2013 (ChipEstimate) 1/15/2013
Circuit Reliability Challenges for the Automotive Industry (EE Times EDA Designline) 1/14/2013
Free Online Design, Simulation, Parts Search Tools (EDN Magazine) 1/14/2013
Integrating Large-Capacity Memory in Advanced-Node SOCs (EE Times Memory Designline) 1/14/2013
DO-254: Increasing Verification Coverage by Test (EE Times Militray & Aerospace Highlights) 1/9/2013
The Case for Developing Custom Analog (Design & Reuse) 1/9/2013
The Efficient Implementation of Asynchronous Logic in COTS FPGAs (EE Times Programmable Logic Designline) 1/4/2013
Flexible and Novel Partitioning Strategy for Hierarchical Design (EE Times EDA Designline) 12/27/2012
Seismic Shifts Await EDA in a More-than-Moore World (Electronic Design Magazine) 12/20/2012
Hybrid Execution and Software-Driven Verification Will Emerge in 2013 (Electronic Design Magazine) 12/19/2012
Companies Ramp Up to Move from 20nm to the Next Node in 2013 (Electronic Design Magazine) 12/18/2012
Formal Methods for Power-Aware Verification (EE Times EDA Designline) 12/17/2012
Reduce Power in Chip Designs with Sequential Clock Gating (Electronic Design Magazine) 12/17/2012
Enabling 3D-IC design (Tech Design Forum) 12/12/2012
High-Performance Hardware Models for System Simulation (EE Times EDA Designline) 12/11/2012
Smashing Through the Mobile Device Memory Bottleneck (ChipEstimate) 12/11/2012
More-than-Moore Memory Grows Up (EDN Magazine) 12/9/2012
20-nm Timing Analysis: A Practical and Scalable Approach (Tech Design Forum) 12/6/2012
High-Performance Logic Libraries for Core Hardening (ChipEstimate) 12/4/2012
The Importance of Verifying the Architecture of an SOC Prototyping System (New Electronics Magazine) 12/1/2012
Design Reuse without Verification Reuse Is Useless (EE Times EDA Designline) 11/26/2012
Speeding Power Estimation from Weeks to Hours (EE Times EDA Designline) 11/19/2012
What's the Difference Between Static Analysis of C and C++ vs. Java Programs (Electronic Design Magazine) 11/19/2012
The Shift Left: How Virtual Prototyping Reduces Risk (Tech Design Forum) 11/16/2012
A Novel Approach for Simulation of Digital Circuits Using Levelization (EDN Magazine) 11/15/2012
EDA Vendors Roll Out Advances for 20-nm Design (DSP-FPGA) 11/13/2012
Optimizing Memory Design (EE Times Memory Designline) 11/13/2012
What's the Difference Between de Jure and de Facto Standards? (Electronic Design Magazine) 11/13/2012
Modeling Embedded Designs-Part 2: Modeling Method Examples (EE Times Embedded) 11/8/2012
ARM-Based Android Hardware/Software Design Using Virtual Prototypes-Part 2: Building a Sensor Subsystem (EE Times Embedded) 11/7/2012
SSM Policy Driven System Management Updates SoC Architecture to Meet today's Operation Complexities (ChipEstimate) 11/6/2012
20-nm Test Demands New Design-for-Test and Diagnostic Strategies (Tech Design Forum) 11/5/2012
High-Yield, High-Performance Memory Design (EE Times EDA Designline) 11/5/2012
Embedded S/W Design Reuse: IDEs Are Rising to the Challenge (EE Times MCU Designline) 10/30/2012
Modeling of Embedded Designs-Part 1: Why Model? (EE Times Embedded) 10/30/2012
Will LDE Stand Between You and Your Next Smart Device? (Electronic Design Magazine) 10/30/2012
Electrically-Aware Design Improves Analog/Mixed-Signal Productivity (EE Times EDA Designline) 10/29/2012
ARM-Based Android Hardware/Software Design Using Virtual Prototypes-Part 1: Why Virtualize? (EE Times Embedded) 10/27/2012
Emulation Delivers System-Level Power Verification (Tech Design Forum) 10/26/2012
RTL Analysis for Complex FPGA Designs Using a Grey Cell Methodology (EE Times Programmable Logic Designline) 10/26/2012
Hybrid Approach to Early Validation and SW Bring-Up (Design & Reuse) 10/25/2012
Generate an Interface Rule for Low-Power Consumer Devices (Electronic Design Magazine) 10/24/2012
Better PCB Design Using the Fabricator's View (Tech Design Forum) 10/23/2012
Memory Solution Addressing Power and Security Problems in Embedded Designs (EE Times EDA Designline) 10/22/2012
Understanding 28-nm SOC Design with ARM-Based Cores (Electronic Design Magazine) 10/19/2012
Automated On-the-Fly Verification of Designs Using Detector-Based Methodology (Design & Reuse) 10/18/2012
Regression Testing with Random Tests Cannot Identify Regressions (EE Times EDA Designline) 10/15/2012
A Standard-Cell Architecture to Deal with Signal-Integrity Issues in Deep-Submicron Technologies (Design & Reuse) 10/11/2012
Marketing and Technology Collide in Competitive Chip Design (Electronic Design Magazine) 10/11/2012
Model Your ADCs in Spice-Part 2 (Electronic Design Magazine) 10/10/2012
What's the Deal with SOC Verification? (Electronic Design Magazine) 10/10/2012
How to Develop Z-Wave Devices (EE Times Smart Enery DesignLine) 10/9/2012
How to Test High-speed Memory with Non-Intrusive Embedded Instruments-Part 3 (Test & Measurement World) 10/9/2012
Physical Verification of 20-nm Designs Through Integrated Double-Patterning Analysis and Repair (Tech Design Forum) 10/9/2012
FinFET Structure Design and Variability Analysis Enabled by TCAD (EE Times EDA Designline) 10/8/2012
Improving Hierarchical Custom-IC Signal Planning (Electronic Design Magazine) 10/8/2012
FPGA High-Efficiency, Low-Noise Pulse-Frequency Space-Vector Modulation-Part 1 (EDN Magazine) 10/4/2012
Multicore ARM SOCs Face Cache Coherency Dilemma (ChipEstimate) 10/2/2012
Use PSpice to Verify Feedback Amplifier Stability (Electronic Design Magazine) 10/2/2012
Removing Pessimism and Optimism in Timing Analysis (EE Times EDA Designline) 10/1/2012
Enhancing Verification through a Highly Automated Data Processing Platform (Design & Reuse) 9/26/2012
Designing a Reset-Aware OVM Testbench (EE Times EDA Designline) 9/24/2012
How to Test High-speed Memory with Non-Intrusive Embedded Instruments-Part 2 (Test & Measurement World) 9/23/2012
Floorplanning: Concept, Challenges and Closure (EDN Magazine) 9/19/2012
Moving to Advanced Reliability Verification (Tech Design Forum) 9/14/2012
Critical Tools for 20-nm Design (Tech Design Forum) 9/12/2012
Why IDEs for Hardware Design Fail (EE Times EDA Designline) 9/11/2012
How FPGAs, Multicore CPUs, and Graphical Programming Are Changing Embedded Design (EE Times Embedded) 9/5/2012
How to Test High-speed Memory with Non-Intrusive Embedded Instruments-Part 1 (Test & Measurement World) 9/4/2012
Get Better Emulation Results in Less Time (Electronic Design Magazine) 8/31/2012
Layer-Aware Optimization (EE Times EDA Designline) 8/27/2012
Verifying Embedded Software Functionality-Part 3: Fault Localization, Metrics and Directed Testing (EE Times Embedded) 8/26/2012
Design Workflow Management Enhances SOC Design Quality and Efficiency (EE Times EDA Designline) 8/20/2012
Move to Broader Coverage in SOC Verification Metrics (Electronic Design Magazine) 8/16/2012
Understanding the Concept of X in SOC Design Flow (EDN Magazine) 8/14/2012
The Forgotten SOC Verification Team (EE Times EDA Designline) 8/13/2012
Design, Simulation and Measurement Automation: The Missing Link (Electronic Products & Technology (EP&T)) 8/10/2012
Equations and Impacts of Setup and Hold Time (EDN Magazine) 8/10/2012
Growing Audio Requirements in SOCs (EDN Magazine) 8/7/2012
Verifying Embedded Software Functionality-Part 2: The Power of Dynamic Slicing (EE Times Embedded) 8/7/2012
Designing a Robust Clock Tree Structure (EE Times EDA Designline) 8/6/2012
Verifying Embedded Software Functionality-Part 1: Why It's Necessary (EE Times Embedded) 8/5/2012
Accelerate Embedded Development with Lua (Electronic Design Magazine) 8/2/2012
Breaking Through the Embedded Memory Bottleneck-Part 1 (EE Times Memory Designline) 7/30/2012
Design for Manufacturability: An Overview (Design & Reuse) 7/30/2012
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Dawn at the OASIS (DAC Knowledge Center) 1/5/2011
Intelligently Integrated Physical Design and Verification Eliminate Late-Stage Surprises and Manual Fixes (EE Times EDA Designline) 1/5/2011
Verification Challenges and eDFM in Digital Designs (DAC Knowledge Center) 1/5/2011
Death to the DRC Waiver Productivity Tax! (Electronic Design Magazine) 1/4/2011
When Perfect Is Good Enough (Electronic Engineering Times (EE Times)) 1/4/2011
Critical False-Path Analysis Through Sensitization Methods (EDN Magazine) 12/29/2010
FMEA Eases Automotive ASIC Design and Deployment (EE Times Automotive Designline) 12/22/2010
Multiphysics Simulation Enhances Electronics System Design (EDN Magazine) 12/15/2010
The War Is Over: C++ and SystemC Coexist In a Single Flow (EE Times EDA Designline) 12/15/2010
Validate Hardware/ Software for Nextgen Mobile/ Consumer Apps Using System Development Tools (EE Times Embedded) 12/14/2010
Choosing an Effective Embedded SOC ASIC Design Strategy (EE Times Embedded) 12/13/2010
Building FPGA-Based Digital Downconverters With Graphical Design Tools (EE Times Programmable Logic Designline) 12/8/2010
Analog Design Quality Closure: What's Missing from Current Flows? (EE Times EDA Designline) 12/6/2010
Tips About Printed Circuit Board Design: Part 1 - Dealing With Harmful PCB Effects (EE Times Embedded) 12/6/2010
ABQ: Assertion Based Qualifier Methodology for Pre-Existing Environments (Design & Reuse) 12/2/2010
SOC-PLL Design Requires Trade-Offs (EDN Magazine) 12/2/2010
Can You Afford to Ignore Formal Analysis? (EE Times EDA Designline) 11/30/2010
A Methodology for Describing Analog/ Mixed-Signal Blocks as IP (Design & Reuse) 11/25/2010
Guidelines for Verilog-A Compact Model Coding (Design & Reuse) 11/25/2010
The Evolution of Design Methodology (Electronic Engineering Times (EE Times)) 11/24/2010
High-Level Synthesis: Ready for Prime Time? (EE Times EDA Designline) 11/23/2010
Trace-Based Approach for Unit-Level Debug and Verification of C/C++ IP Models (Design & Reuse) 11/18/2010
New IC Verification Techniques for Analog Content (EE Times EDA Designline) 11/17/2010
SOC DFT Verification With Static Analysis and Formal Methods (Test & Measurement World) 11/17/2010
Metric-Driven Validation, Verification and Test of Embedded Software (Design & Reuse) 11/10/2010
Parametric yield: Do You Know What You Miss? (EE Times EDA Designline) 11/10/2010
Essential Principles for Practical Analog BIST (EDN Magazine) 11/4/2010
A Developer's Insight Into ARM Cortex-M Debugging (EE Times Embedded) 11/3/2010
A Next-Gen FPGA-Based SOC Verification Platform (EE Times Programmable Logic Designline) 11/1/2010
Software Update Methods for Android-Based Devices (Electronic Products Magazine) 11/1/2010
The Future of IC Design Verification (Electronic Products Magazine) 11/1/2010
Understanding System-Level Energy-Management Techniques and Test (EDN Magazine) 11/1/2010
Restoring the Artistry of Analog Design (EE Times EDA Designline) 10/26/2010
How to Reduce Board Management Costs, Failures, and Design Time (EE Times Programmable Logic Designline) 10/25/2010
The Advantages of Multi-Rate Harmonic Balance Technology (EE Times RF & Microwave Designline) 10/25/2010
The Case of the Disappearing PCell (EE Times EDA Designline) 10/25/2010
What Can Be Expected from the Accellera Unified Coverage Interoperability Standard? (Electronic Design Magazine) 10/22/2010
Design Environment for the Support of Configurable Network Interfaces in NoC-based Platforms (Design & Reuse) 10/21/2010
Are Design and Test Conflicting or Symbiotic? (Electronic Engineering Times (EE Times)) 10/20/2010
EDA's Next Step: System-Level Design Automation (Electronic Design Magazine) 10/20/2010
Is Your System Ready for 25Gbps? (Electronic Products Magazine) 10/1/2010
Hunting that Elusive Bug (EE Times EDA Designline) 9/28/2010
What! How Big Did You Say That FPGA Is? (EE Times Programmable Logic Designline) 9/27/2010
Using the Application Modeling and Mapping Methodology for System-level Performance Analysis (EE Times Embedded) 9/26/2010
Partial Reconfiguration In FPGA Rapid Prototyping Tools (Design & Reuse) 9/17/2010
Performance Verification of a Complex Bus Arbiter Using the VMM Performance Analyzer (EE Times EDA Designline) 9/16/2010
Accelerating the Development of TLM-2.0 Models Using Model Authoring Kits (MAKs) (Design & Reuse) 9/13/2010
Development Tool Evolution: Hardware/ Firmware (EE Times Programmable Logic Designline) 9/13/2010
Discovering the Last Unrealized Power Reduction (EDN Magazine) 9/13/2010
Do We Need an International EDA Roadmap? (EE Times EDA Designline) 9/13/2010
Debugging the Linux Kernel With JTAG ( 8/31/2010
Optimizing the Manufacturing Test Program, Data Collection, and Diagnosis for Yield Analysis (EE Times EDA Designline) 8/31/2010
Reusable Device Simulation Models for Embedded System Virtual Platforms (Design & Reuse) 8/24/2010
SystemVerilog Configurable Coverage Model In an OVM setup: Concept of Reusability (EE Times EDA Designline) 8/24/2010
An Efficient ASIP Design Methodology (Design & Reuse) 8/16/2010
Comparing AMBA AHB to AXI Bus Using System Modeling (Design & Reuse) 8/16/2010
Data Storage Yields Increased Design Productivity (EDN Magazine) 8/16/2010
FPGA Compilation On-Site or In the Cloud (EE Times Programmable Logic Designline) 8/16/2010
Picking the Right Built-In Self-test Strategy for Your Embedded ASIC (EE Times Embedded) 8/16/2010
Reduce Embedded SOC Design Cost and Optimize IP Integration (EE Times Embedded) 8/16/2010
Transaction Analysis and Debug Across Language Boundaries and Between Abstraction Levels (Design & Reuse) 8/16/2010
Using In-Design Physical Verification to Reduce Tape-Out Schedules (Design & Reuse) 8/2/2010
Use XML to Build ASIC or SOC Design Specifications (EE Times Embedded) 7/31/2010
Design Quality and Its Impact On Design Closure (EDN Magazine) 7/30/2010
EM Simulation for EMC: Keeping a Lid on Interference (EDN Magazine) 7/30/2010
ESL Synthesis: Tips for Implementing a Viable ESL-Synthesis Flow (EDN Magazine) 7/30/2010
Protect Your goal with Post-Silicon Formal Verification (Design & Reuse) 7/30/2010
Accelerating the Time to IC Layout (EE Times EDA Designline) 7/29/2010
Customized FPGA board for ASIC Prototyping: A Novel Approach with Pre-designed Blocks and Modular FPGA (Design & Reuse) 7/29/2010
Generating AMD Microcode Stimuli Using VCS Constraint Solver (Design & Reuse) 7/29/2010
IP Re-Engineering and Design Methodology (Design & Reuse) 7/29/2010
Interoperable DRC/LVS Language Standard Accelerates Physical Verification Turnaround Time for Advanced Nodes (EDN Magazine) 7/27/2010
Real-Time Non-intrusive Debugging Framework (Design & Reuse) 7/23/2010
Give the People What They Want: HLS for RTL Verification (EE Times EDA Designline) 7/21/2010
Debug Will Get Your Attention, Sooner or Later (EE Times EDA Designline) 6/29/2010
Exploring Multicore Power Management with Modeling and Simulation (EE Times Embedded) 6/29/2010
Testing Your MEMS-Based Embedded Design for Hardware Faults (EE Times Embedded) 6/29/2010
Time Is Right for Clockless Design (EE Times EDA Designline) 6/29/2010
Using Standards-Based Tools to Scale Chip Designs to Next-Generation Geometries (EE Times Embedded) 6/29/2010
Verifying Your Configurable OCP Interfaces (EE Times Embedded) 6/29/2010
Path-Specific Derating to Reduce Timing Pessimism (EDN Magazine) 6/25/2010
How to Make Virtual Prototyping Better than Designing with Hardware: Part 2 - The Importance of Testability In Virtual Prototyping (EE Times Embedded) 6/23/2010
SystemVerilog-Based Generic Verification Methodology for IPs/ ASICs/ SOCs (Design & Reuse) 6/23/2010
Testing Embedded Data Buses and Analog Signals (EDN Magazine) 6/23/2010
Efficient C Programming and Its Effect On the Performance of Embedded Systems (EE Times Embedded) 6/22/2010
How to Make Virtual Prototyping Better than Designing with Hardware: Part 1 - Use Cases for Virtual Prototyping (EE Times Embedded) 6/22/2010
Is IP Integration the Real High-Level Design? (EDN Magazine) 6/21/2010
Achieving Verification Closure with Resource and Time Constraints (EE Times EDA Designline) 6/17/2010
Advancing Network Packet Management and Security Using Silicon Based Subsystem IP Solutions (Design & Reuse) 6/17/2010
Altering the SOC Design Flow (EDN Magazine) 6/17/2010
Creating Virtual Platforms Using the OCP-IP Modeling Kit (Design & Reuse) 6/17/2010
Low Power: A Chip and System-Design Primer (EDN Magazine) 6/17/2010
Power Analysis of Clock Gating at RTL (EE Times EDA Designline) 6/17/2010
Power-Grid Analysis on SOC Graphics Chip Design (EDN Magazine) 6/17/2010
Reducing Switching Power with Intelligent Clock Gating (EE Times Programmable Logic Designline) 6/17/2010
The Transformation of Silicon to System Design (Electronic Products Magazine) 6/1/2010
Transitioning from C/C++ to SystemC in High-Level Design (EE Times Embedded) 6/1/2010
Code Coverage Convergence In Configurable IP (Design & Reuse) 5/27/2010
Power Management for Optimal Power Design (EDN Magazine) 5/27/2010
Bringing MEMS Into the IC Design Flow (EE Times EDA Designline) 5/21/2010
Powering Down: Enabling a Power Regression Flow for SoC Design (EE Times Embedded) 5/13/2010
Using Unified Modeling Methods to Reduce Embedded Hardware/ Software Development (EE Times Embedded) 5/13/2010
DDGEN: An Automated Device Driver Generation Tool for Embedded Systems (Design & Reuse) 5/3/2010
Doing C-code Generation Better: From Graphical Code to Embedded Target (EE Times Embedded) 5/3/2010
Making Source Code Analysis Part of the Software Development Process (EE Times Embedded) 4/26/2010
Timing Closure On FPGAs (EE Times Programmable Logic Designline) 4/22/2010
Software Development Team Collaboration Across Disciplines Using UML/ SysML (EE Times Embedded) 4/20/2010
Embedded System Design with Open Source Software: Doing It Right (EE Times Embedded) 4/19/2010
Clearing the Hurdles of HLS Adoption (EE Times EDA Designline) 4/13/2010
Treat Programmable Hardware Design As a High-Level System Task (EE Times Embedded) 4/13/2010
Continuous-Time Equalizers Improve High-Speed Serial Links (EDN Magazine) 4/8/2010
Setting Up Hardware Verification Testbenches Using OVM Configuration Classes (EE Times Embedded) 4/5/2010
RTL Synthesis Can Accelerate the Entire Implementation Flow (EE Times EDA Designline) 3/31/2010
10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Virtualization Solution (Electronic Engineering Times (EE Times)) 3/22/2010
Greening Multiprocessor Design (EE Times EDA Designline) 3/22/2010
Building Quality Assurance Into Your Hardware: EDA Is Not Enough! (EE Times EDA Designline) 3/17/2010
Power Delivery Network Design Requires Chip-package-system Co-Design Approach (EE Times EDA Designline) 3/15/2010
Verification of a USB 3.0 Device IP Core in Multi-Layer SystemC Verification Environment (Design & Reuse) 3/15/2010
ICE Debugging: The End of the Battleship Game (EE Times EDA Designline) 3/10/2010
Ensuring the Thermal Integrity of Your IC Package/ PC Board Design (EE Times Power Management Designline) 3/8/2010
Hardware Solutions to the Challenges of Multimedia IP Functional Verification (Design & Reuse) 2/25/2010
Software Architecture for IP verification in Operating System Environment (Design & Reuse) 2/25/2010
Dodging Amdahl's Law with Message Passing, FPGA-Based Parallel Processing (EE Times Programmable Logic Designline) 2/24/2010
Combating Congestion In High-performance, Low-cost SOCs (EDN Magazine) 2/23/2010
High-Level Synthesis, Verification and Language (EE Times EDA Designline) 2/22/2010
Tuning C/C++ Compilers for Optimal Parallel Performance In Multicore Applications: The Compiler Optimization Process - Part 2 (EE Times Embedded) 2/21/2010
Analog and Mixed-Signal Modeling Approaches (Design & Reuse) 2/18/2010
Tuning C/C++ Compilers for Optimal Parallel Performance In Multicore Applications - Part 1 (EE Times Embedded) 2/18/2010
Chip Synthesis: A New Approach to RTL Implementation (EE Times EDA Designline) 2/16/2010
Integrating Static Analysis with a Compiler and Database (Embedded Computing Design) 2/16/2010
Guidelines for Complex SOC Verification (EE Times EDA Designline) 2/15/2010
Re-Configurable Platform for Design, Verification and Implementation of SOCs (Design & Reuse) 2/11/2010
Debugging and Analysis with SystemVerilog Testbench (EDN Magazine) 2/4/2010
Tools Accurately Simulate Noise in Mixed-Signal ASICs (EDN Magazine) 2/4/2010
When Good Compilers Go Bad, or What You See Is Not What You Execute (EE Times Embedded) 2/3/2010
Automating Next-Generation Network-Design Tasks (EE Times Embedded) 2/2/2010
Improving Software Development and Verification Productivity Using IP-Based System Prototyping (Design & Reuse) 2/1/2010
A Recipe for Verification IP: The Role of Methodology (Design & Reuse) 1/26/2010
Embedded System Virtualization for Executable Specifications and Use Case Modeling (EE Times EDA Designline) 1/26/2010
Design for Diagnosis to Improve IC Yield (EE Times EDA Designline) 1/25/2010
Applying Virtual System Integration and Test to Validate Requirements and Verify Designs (EE Times EDA Designline) 1/22/2010
Early Verification Cuts Design Time and Cost In Algorithm-intensive Systems (EE Times EDA Designline) 1/22/2010
Methodology for Rapid Development of Loosely Timed and Approximately Timed TLM Peripherals (Design & Reuse) 1/21/2010
Automating the FPGA Design Debug Process (EE Times Embedded) 1/19/2010
Low-power LDPC Decoder Created Using High-Level Synthesis (EE Times EDA Designline) 1/13/2010
A Real Solution for Mixed Signal SOC Verification (EE Times EDA Designline) 1/7/2010
Under the Lid: Analog Test Is Suddenly the Critical Ingredient (EDN Magazine) 1/7/2010
Determine IC Transient Thermal Behavior to Prevent Overheating (EDN Magazine) 1/6/2010
Using OVM to Reuse Vital Verification Knowledge (EE Times EDA Designline) 1/5/2010
How Do You Qualify Netlist Reduction and Circuit Extraction? (EE Times EDA Designline) 1/4/2010

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Tutorials, White Papers & Application Notes on EDA and EDA tools

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Automating Sequential Clock Gating (Calypto Design Systems, Inc.)
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Chill: A New Approach to Power Analysis (Envis Corp.)
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Clarifying Language, Methodology Confusion (Aldec, Inc.)
Clock and Reset Ubiquity: A CDC Verification Perspective (Real Intent, Inc.)
Clock Concurrent Optimization (Azuro, Inc.)
Clock Domain Crossing Demystified: The Second Generation Solution for CDC Verification (Real Intent, Inc.)
Coding Guidelines for Datapath Synthesis (Synopsys, Inc.)
Combining Impulse C with uClinux for MicroBlaze-based FPGAs (Impulse Accelerated Technologies, Inc.)
Combining Structural and Functional Verification Techniques to Improve Effective CDC Verification (Atrenta, Inc.)
CONNECT: Re-Examining Conventional Wisdom for Designing NoCs in the Context of FPGAs (Carnegie Mellon Electrical & Computer Engineering)
Continuous Integration for FPGA Design and Verification (Test and Verification Solutions, Ltd. (TVS))
CoRAM: An In-Fabric Memory Architecture for FPGA-based Computing (Carnegie Mellon Electrical & Computer Engineering)
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Coverage Manager Methodology Accelerates Complex SOC Verification (Ingot Systems, Inc.)
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Debugging SCE-MI Co-Emulation in Riviera-PRO Simulation Environment (Aldec, Inc.)
Debugging Today's Complex Analog Designs Requires Much More than Waveform Analysis (Sandwork Design, Inc.)
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Design for Testability: The Importance of Straightforward Solutions (GOEPEL electronic GmbH)
Design Management & IP Reuse Study (Gary Smith EDA)
Designer's Guide to Verilog (Doulos, Ltd.)
Design-for-Test Guidelines (Corelis, Inc.)
DO-254 Requirements Traceability (Aldec, Inc.)
Does ESL Really Need to Be That Hard to Use? (JEDA Technologies, Inc.)
Early Chip Sizing Carries High Financial and Technical Implications (Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC))
EDA Grows Again: 2011 Complete Market Trends (Gary Smith EDA)
Effcient Symbolic Simulation via Dynamic Scheduling, Don't Caring, and Case Splitting (IBM Corp.)
Efficient Signal and Power Integrity Analysis Using Parallel Techniques (Sigrity, Inc.)
Electronic System-Level Development: Finding the Right Mix of Solutions for the Right Mix of Engineers (Byte Paradigm)
Electronic Systems Prototyping: Tools and Methodologies for Better Observability (Byte Paradigm)
Embedded Instrumentation: The Future of Advanced Design Validation, Test and Debug (ASSET InterTech, Inc.)
Embedded Systems Verification (Aldec, Inc.)
EMI Reduction and PCB Layout Techniques (TLSI, Inc.)
Emulation: Enabling It on Every Desktop (Bluespec, Inc.)
Enabling Assertion-Based Verification (Zocalo Tech, Inc.)
Enabling Large-Scale Pervasive Logic Verification through Multi-Algorithmic Formal Reasoning (IBM Corp.)
Enhancing Verilog Designs with Embedded PSL (Aldec, Inc.)
Enhancing Verilog Designs with SVA (Aldec, Inc.)
Enhancing VHDL Designs with Embedded PSL (Aldec, Inc.)
Exploiting Constraints in Transformation-Based Verification (IBM Corp.)
Exploiting Suspected Redundancy without Proving It (IBM Corp.)
Four Reasons to Incorporate FPGA Technology Into Your Test Applications (National Instruments Corp.)
FPGA Design Practices Survey (GateRocket, Inc.)
FPGA-based Prototyping – Tackling Large Designs Earlier (Test and Verification Solutions, Ltd. (TVS))
Free Models: What Are They? How Are They Used? How Can They Be Free? (Free Model Foundry)
Getting Started with Requirements-Based Verification (Verilab, Ltd.)
Global Design Data Management Report 2010 (IC Manage, Inc.)
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HDL Simulation and Mathematical Modeling Integration (Aldec, Inc.)
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HES-7 ASIC Prototyping (Aldec, Inc.)
High Performance Scalable Hardware Configuration Management (IC Manage, Inc.)
High-Level "Plug-and-Play" Specification, Modeling and Synthesis of Pipelined Architectures with Bluespec’s PAClib (Bluespec, Inc.)
High-Speed I/O Design Considerations in Low-Cost Packaging Applications (Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC))
How to Minimize Energy Consumption While Maximizing ASIC and SOC Performance (Tensilica, Inc.)
I2C Functional Test with JTAG and FPGA IP (ASSET InterTech, Inc.)
IC Design Management Best Practices (IC Manage, Inc.)
Impact of Multiple-Voltage Domain Design Implementation on Large, Complex SoCs (Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC))
Interoperable IP Delivery (Aldec, Inc.)
Introduction to Verilog (
Introduction to VHDL (
IP Reuse and Design Management in the SOC and IC Design Process (Gary Smith EDA)
IP Reuse: Design and Verification Report 2013 (IC Manage, Inc.)
IP Solutions for Synchronizing Signals that Cross Clock Domains (Synopsys, Inc.)
Is That an Elephant in Your Flow? (Duolog Technologies)
JTAG Guidelines for Board DFT: Part 1 (ASSET InterTech, Inc.)
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JTAG/ Boundary Scan: What Can It Do for You and What Do You Have to Do? (GOEPEL electronic GmbH)
Kelvin: A New Approach to Power Analysis (Envis Corp.)
Leveraging System Models for RTL Functional Verification Using Sequential Logic Equivalence Checking (Calypto Design Systems, Inc.)
Logical Hardware debuggers for FPGA-based Systems (BYU Configurable Computing Lab)
Magic of SDN in Networking (Calsoft Labs)
Making Floating-Point Arithmetic Work in Your RTL Design (Aldec, Inc.)
Meeting Growing Verification Demands (Aldec, Inc.)
Modeling OCP Interfaces in SystemC: Standards built on top of OSCI’s TLM-2 (OCP International Partnership (OCP-IP))
Multicore Programming Practices (MPP) Guide (Multicore Association)
Multimedia Application Specific Engine Design Using High Level Synthesis (Synfora, Inc.)
Navigating the System to RTL Continuum (Calypto Design Systems, Inc.)
NSCa and PSL: Why Native Assertion Is Iportant in SystemC? (JEDA Technologies, Inc.)
OCP TLM for Architectural Modeling (CoWare, Inc.)
OSCI TLM2.0 Standard Compliance: Why Bother? (JEDA Technologies, Inc.)
Power Management Poses a Critical Design Constraint in Consumer Applications (Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC))
Power-Saving Clock-Gating Technique is an Inseparable Part of SoC Design (Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC))
Pragmatic Simulation-Based Verification of Clock Domain Crossing Signals and Jitter Using SystemVerilog Assertions (Verilab, Ltd.)
Predictable Verification Productivity (Test and Verification Solutions, Ltd. (TVS))
Prototype and Evaluation of the CoRAM Memory Architecture for FPGA-based Computing (Carnegie Mellon Electrical & Computer Engineering)
Quantitatively Analyzing the Performance of Integrated Circuits and Their Reliability (DfR Solutions)
Reducing AMBA-based SoC Design Time by More Than 50% Using coreAssembler (Synopsys, Inc.)
Reducing the Cost of FPGA/ASIC Verification with MATLAB and Simulink (Test and Verification Solutions, Ltd. (TVS))
Requirements-Driven Verification for Compliance (Test and Verification Solutions, Ltd. (TVS))
Scalable Automated Verification via Expert-System Guided Transformations (IBM Corp.)
Scalable Compositional Minimization via Static Analysis (IBM Corp.)
Scalable Sequential Equivalence Checking Across Arbitrary Design Transformations (IBM Corp.)
Sequential Equivalence Checking: A New Approach to Functional Verification of Datapath and Control Logic Changes (Calypto Design Systems, Inc.)
Shorten and Simplify SoC Verification using a Generic eVC (Verilab, Ltd.)
Si2 Power Aware Design Flows (Silicon Integration Initiative, Inc. (Si2))
Si2 Power Reduction Stimulus and Low Power Design Techniques (Silicon Integration Initiative, Inc. (Si2))
Silicon Design Chain Extends Low Power Design Collaboration (Cadence Design Systems, Inc.)
Single-chip Heterogeneous Computing: Does the Future include Custom Logic, FPGAs, and GPUs? (Carnegie Mellon Electrical & Computer Engineering)
Solutions for SPI Protocol Testing and Debugging in Embedded System (Byte Paradigm)
Successfully Designing FPGA-Based Systems (Cadence Design Systems, Inc.)
Synthesizable Models Enable Early Emulation for Complex IP (Bluespec, Inc.)
System Level Design and Verification Using a Synchronous Language (Formal Sciences, Inc.)
System Level Design: SystemC Using Transaction Level Modeling (Aldec, Inc.)
SystemC Training Course (Forte Design Systems, Inc.)
SystemC Tutorial (ASIC World)
SystemC: An Introduction for Beginners (
SystemC-based UVM Verification Infrastructure (Test and Verification Solutions, Ltd. (TVS))
SystemVerilog Implicit Port Connections: Simulation and Synthesis (Sunburst Design, Inc.)
SystemVerilog Scheduling Semantics (Test and Verification Solutions, Ltd. (TVS))
SystemVerilog Tutorial (ASIC World)
SystemVerilog Tutortial (
Testing DDR Memory with Bondry Scan/JTAG (ASSET InterTech, Inc.)
The Challenges Are Changing for System Design (Altera Corp.)
The DFM Pandemic: How Many Chips Have to Die? (Pyxis Technology, Inc.)
The Low-Carb VHDL Tutorial (University of Central Florida, EECS)
The Myth of SystemVerilog Interoperability (Verilab, Ltd.)
The Open Verification Methodology (OVM), (OVM World)
The Power of RTL Clock Gating (Calypto Design Systems, Inc.)
Those Pesky Interfaces… (Aldec, Inc.)
TLM-2.0 in Action: An Example-based Approach to Transaction-Level Modeling and Model Interoperability (Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI))
Tool Assessment and Qualification with the Aldec DO-254 Compliance Tool Set (Aldec, Inc.)
Unified TLM 2.0 Coverage Measurement (JEDA Technologies, Inc.)
Unifying Bug Tracking with Design-Data Management (IC Manage, Inc.)
Using Boundary Scan to Link Design and Manufacturing Test (ASSET InterTech, Inc.)
Using FPGA Prototyping Board as an SoC Verification and Integration Platform (Aldec, Inc.)
Using FPGA-Based Simulation Acceleration In a Typical ASIC Design Flow (Aldec, Inc.)
Using IC Manage GDP for Collaborative Custom IC (Virtuoso) and Digital SOC Design (IC Manage, Inc.)
Using Impulse C with BlueCat Linux 5.4.2 on MicroBlaze via FSL (Impulse Accelerated Technologies, Inc.)
Using Plots for HDL Debugging as a Powerful Alternative to Traditional Waveforms (Aldec, Inc.)
Using Program Specialization to Speed SystemC Fixed-Point Simulation (Formal Sciences, Inc.)
Using SystemVerilog Assertions for Functional Coverage (Verilab, Ltd.)
Using SystemVerilog Assertions in Gate-Level Verification Environments (Verilab, Ltd.)
Utilizing Clock-Gating Efficiency to Reduce Power in RTL Designs (Calypto Design Systems, Inc.)
UVM Register Modelling: Advanced Topics (Test and Verification Solutions, Ltd. (TVS))
UVM Status and Plans (Test and Verification Solutions, Ltd. (TVS))
UVM: Ready, Set, Deploy! (Accellera)
Variation Analysis and Design for Custom ICs (Gary Smith EDA)
Variation-Aware Custom IC Design Report 2011 (Solido Design Automation, Inc.)
VERA Verification Tutorial (ASIC World)
Verification and Automation Improvement Using IP-XACT (Accellera)
Verification IP – Trends and Technology for FPGA and ASIC Design Verification (Test and Verification Solutions, Ltd. (TVS))
Verification of Ethernet Designs with SCE-MI based Aldec Emulator (Aldec, Inc.)
Verification without Testbenches (Calypto Design Systems, Inc.)
Verilog HDL Quick Reference Guide (Sutherland HDL, Inc.)
Verilog Tutorial (University of Maryland (ECE))
Verilog Tutorial (Yankee Bush Software)
VHDL PaceMaker Interactive Tutorial (Doulos, Ltd.)
VHDL Test Bench Tutorial (University of Pennsylvania, ESE)
VHDL Tutorial (University of Pennsylvania, ESE)
VHDL Tutorial (ASIC World)
VHDL Tutorial (University of Erlangen-Nürnberg)
VHDL Tutorial (Yankee Bush Software)
VHDL Verification Course (Stefan Doll)
Virtual Modeling with Aldec and Imperas (Aldec, Inc.)
Virtual Platforms for Software Development (CoWare, Inc.)
We Haven’t Survived 65nm: We’re Just in the Eye of the Storm! (Pyxis Technology, Inc.)
What Is Assertion-Based Verification? (Tech Design Forum)
What Is Emulation? (Tech Design Forum)
What is FPGA prototyping? (Tech Design Forum)
What Is System Virtual Prototyping? (Tech Design Forum)
What is SystemC? (Tech Design Forum)
What Is Transaction-Level Modeling? (Tech Design Forum)
What Is Verification IP? (Tech Design Forum)
What Is VHDL? (Tech Design Forum)
What Your SOC Designer Might Not Tell You About Power Management (Altera Corp.)
Who's Managing Your Power Management? (JVD, Inc.)

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Verification Contortions

Dr. Lauro Rizzatti
Verification Consultant
Rizzatti, LLC

Real Talk

Drilling Down on the Internet of Things

Ramesh Dewangan
VP Product Strategy
Real Intent, Inc.

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