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 Category: Tutorials, White Papers, App Notes, etc.: Wednesday, April 23, 2014
 Tutorials, White Papers, Application Notes, etc.

The Internet is very much like the Metropolitan Museum of Art; what you see on display is only a small fraction of what's hidden in the bowels of the basement. To find the "treasures" hidden in the bowels of EDA tool and IP vendors' "basements," SOCcentral drills down into their websites to seperate the tutorials, white papers, and generic app notes from the marketing hype and product brochures.

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Recommended Tutorials, White Papers, etc.

On-Chip Communications Network Report (Sonics, Inc.)

This report covers the results of an independent, blind worldwide survey covering on-chip communications networks (OCCN), defined as is the entire interconnect fabric for SOCs. The survey was executed in October 2012, with 318 design and verification professionals participating. . . . read more

The SoC Interconnect Verification Challenge (Test and Verification Solutions, Ltd. (TVS))

With increasing numbers of CPU cores, multimedia subsystems and communication IPs in today's system-on-chips, the main SOC interconnects, crossbars or networks-on-chip fabrics become key components of the system. In addition, IP reuse and network-on-chip (NoC) generation solutions have enabled the conception of new SoC architectures within a few months if not only weeks. . . . read more

VHDL PaceMaker Interactive Tutorial (Doulos, Ltd.)

VHDL PaceMaker is a self-teach tutorial that gives you a great foundation in the basics of the VHDL language. VHDL PaceMaker is ideally suited to self-paced learning prior to attending full-scope instructor-led VHDL training. As well as serving as an introductory tutorial, VHDL PaceMaker, with its interactive hyperlinks, provides an excellent interactive reference tool for the VHDL designer. It includes a full syntax reference, a glossary of technical terms, and the ability for you to annotate your own notes. . . . read more

Design-for-Test Guidelines (Corelis, Inc.)

In today's fast-paced environment with short time-to-market requirements, it has become increasingly important to design products that allow for early fault and failure detection. The earlier a mistake or a defect can be detected in the design phase or in the production process, the less money it will cost to remedy it and the sooner the product will be ready for production or shipment. Therefore, a good design-for-test (DFT) strategy is needed for the design, prototype and production phase of a product. . . . read more

Variation-Aware Custom IC Design Report 2011 (Solido Design Automation, Inc.)

This report covers the results of an independent worldwide custom IC design survey. The survey was executed in late 2010, with 486 IC design professionals participating. . . . read more

FPGA Design Tutorial (1-CORE Technologies)

This FPGA design tutorial covers various issues in the fields of FPGA design, simulation and synthesis. It is targeted towards both beginners and experienced FPGA designers. . . . read more

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10 Most-Read White Papers
Challenges in Verification of Clock Domain Crossings
CDC Methodology for Fast-to-Slow Clocks
Multicore Programming Practices (MPP) Guide
Clock Domain Crossing Demystified: The Second Generation Solution for CDC Verification
Using Plots for HDL Debugging as a Powerful Alternative to Traditional Waveforms
ARM Cortex SoC Prototyping Platform for Industrial Applications
Those Pesky Interfaces…
Making Floating-Point Arithmetic Work in Your RTL Design
Clock and Reset Ubiquity: A CDC Verification Perspective
DO-254 Requirements Traceability

Most-Read Recent News (updated daily)
OmniTek Releases Enhanced Version of Multi-Channel Streaming DMA Controller Core
Digital Core Design Introduces Fast 68HC08 Core
ARM Compiler Builds on Open-Source LLVM Technology
Cryptography Research and Fairchild Semiconductor Sign Patent License Agreement for DPA Countermeasures
STMicroelectronics Extends STM32Cube Development Platform to Support Market-Proven STM32 F2 Microcontrollers
VeriSilicon Expands Hantro Video IP Portfolio qith HEVC Main 10 Profile and AVS+ Decoder Capabilities
Harmonic Chooses Altera Solution for H.265 4Kp60 Video Encoding
Leverage WLCSP Package Sizes on TI's FRAM-based MSP430 MCUs to Optimize Board Space, Reduce Product Size and Save Power
M31 High-Density and Low-Power IP Solutions Ready for Integration on TSMC 55-nm Embedded Flash Technology
Global Unichip Licenses Arteris FlexNoC Fabric IP for 16-nm SOC IP-Verification Platform
Dolphin Integration Announces Availability of TSMC-Sponsored sROMet and DpRAM Generators at 90-nm LP eFlash
PLDA and OmniPhy Announce PCIe Gen 2 Controller and PHY Combination for the TSMC 28-nm Process
Mentor Graphics Enterprise Verification Platform Unites Questa and Veloce for 1000X Productivity Gain
Altera Announces High-Efficiency Power Conversion Solution for High-Performance FPGAs
Replace Expensive Resolver-to-Digital Conversion Solutions with TI's new C2000 MCU Resolver Kit

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CDC Methodology for Fast-to-Slow Clocks  (Real Intent, Inc.)

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